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Your sewer lines are essential for your home or business. To ensure that your system is always working well, it is important to schedule prompt repair or replacement services if you never notice something wrong. Our dedicated plumbing service technicians at Kae Edward Plumbing provide thorough care to keep your sewers healthy.

By contacting our team when the problem is first detected, we can help prevent sever line damage and undesirable smells. Our team can help detect the issue at the source and provide the repair or replacement that your sewer system needs.

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Installing & Replacing Sewer Lines

When you are investing in a new building or remodeling project, it is important to make sure you are setting the property up for success from the very beginning. Before you get too far in your blueprints, consult with a sewer specialist to ensure the new line will fit the layout of your future home or renovated addition, and that there will be no interference with gas lines, electrical networks, or other elements of your plumbing system. If you already have a sewer line on your property that needs to be replaced because of its age, our technicians can help.

Why You Should Invest in Thorough Sewer Cleaning

Even the most durable materials will fail if a sewer line accumulates too much dirt, grime, and other debris. Masses of insoluble objects can collect in the pipe, causing clogs that will decrease the water flow, eventually choking the pipe. The resulting pressure can cause your sewer to leak or even burst. With rigorous cleaning, however, you can avoid this unpleasant scenario.

Thorough sewer cleaning can remove common clogs, including:

  • Sanitary products
  • Diapers
  • Collected hair
  • Band-aids
  • Dirt, mud, and grime
  • Soap scum
  • Grease
  • Keys, toys, and other foreign objects

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If you have experienced multiple clogs recently, if your toilets ow shower are backing up, or if you notice the signs of a leak, act quickly, since this may indicate that there is something deeper obstructing the pipes. 

Before any repairs are made, your plumber will run a high-tech sewer camera throughout the whole system to determine the source of the problem and find a solution to your specific issue. We can then advise you on your options and provide and honest estimate for repair or replacement.

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