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Toilet Repairs and Replacements

Kae Edward is proud to be one of the top plumber Katy TX of choice for toilet repair service.  Most of us know how to clear a clogged toilet with a simple plunger, but a plunger can’t fix a commode leaking at the base. If left to continue, a toilet leak can cause water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. Our plumbing professionals are skilled in toilet repairs. Usually a leak of this type is caused by a broken wax seal at the base of the toilet. Does your toilet rock? If it does, then it is more than likely why your wax seal has been broken. Usually our plumber Katy TX technicians are able to repair most toilets leaking at the base with a simple wax ring replacement, however, there are many times when they discover after pulling the toilet that the flange itself was the reason for the broken wax seal. A toilet will not stay sealed for long if it is not secured properly to the floor. The toilet flange is the foundation for the toilet and should be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the situation. Sometimes home owners decide to have their bathroom floors redone and in the process neglect to address the new height differences of the toilet flange. A flange too low will not allow a normal wax ring to seal properly to the bottom of the bowl, a flange too high will cause the bowl to sit on top of the flange and the bowl itself will not touch the floor. Either of these cases should be addressed and corrected to allow your toilet to function at its best. We use quality parts, will fix your toilet properly and provide you with a one year warranty. Call us today as we would love to be your plumber Katy TX.

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Sinks Repairs and Replacements

Your kitchen sink is more than likely the most used and abused amongst the rest of the other sinks throughout your home so it is imperative that it remains functional at all times. As homes age, so do the parts and materials that connect the drains to the sink. Drain pipe leaks are sometimes difficult to find and can cause water damage in cabinets and floors. If your kitchen sink cabinet smells musty or like mildew, then you should consider giving us a call and having one of our trained plumbing technicians find your leak. Are you considering replacing your sink from a shallow to a deeper sink? Our plumber Katy TX professionals will be able to assist you through that process by determining what other factors will need to be addressed, such as drain rerouting as well as space clearances. A slow or clogged kitchen sink drain is often what causes leaks to manifest that otherwise go undetected. If your sink does not drain like it used to, then you should consider having it cleared by a professional plumber sooner rather than later. It is never convenient to have a clogged kitchen sink drain, but none more so when it is a weekend, holiday or during a special party. Do you need your sink repaired or replaced? Give us a call as your plumber Katy TX. We are ready to assist you.

Hot Water Heaters

When you no longer get hot water when taking a shower, you tend to want to blame your hot water heater first. Sometimes the problem is not your water heater at all, but the cartridge in your tub or shower valve that needs to be replaced. To help you quickly determine what may be your immediate problem, you don’t have to be a plumber Katy TX, simply go to your lavatory faucet in the same bathroom and turn on the hot water. If you are getting hot water at the lavatory sink, then you may either need to adjust the temperature controls for your shower valve or replace the cartridge. Did you know that water heaters require maintenance at least once a year? Manufacturers state in their manuals that T&P valves, (temperature and pressure relief valves), on water heaters should be tested by the home owner at least once a year and physically inspected by a professional plumber every three years. The T&P valve is a safety device installed on your water heater to prevent against extreme pressures and water temperatures. If yours fails, then your water heater should be inspected thoroughly by one of our professional plumbers to determine if the part was faulty or if another reason exists that caused it to fail. Does your water heater need servicing? We are ready to serve you as your best choice for a plumber Katy TX. Give us a call.


Pipe Leaks

Water leaks come in many forms. Unfortunately water leaks also tend to cause water damage and, if not discovered or taken care of by a plumber Katy TX within a short time frame, can create health issues. Do you know how to turn the water source off to your home in case of an emergency? If you don’t, then it will behoove you to learn now than to wait until it happens. Making sure your house water shutoff valve is fully operational is something that should be checked at least once a year. Just because you have a valve there in plain sight and easy access does not mean it will perform during your time of need. The most basic test is to shut it off during a non-emergency and open a faucet in the home to verify it has lost ALL pressure. If you are able to hear any hissing sounds at the valve itself when it is turned completely off, then the valve is faulty and should not be considered reliable for an emergency. Our plumber Katy TX technicians are skilled and experienced in determining whether and how a water shutoff valve should be replaced. Pipe leaks in the walls can be caused by stress on the piping, either because of poor installation of the piping or foundation issues, or because of pipe degradation due to water quality or quality of the material itself. If a pipe leak is suspected because you see water spots on your wall or ceiling, give us a call immediately so we can help you minimize any more potential damages.

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